This interventional nephrology elective prepares you for clinical practice by giving you experience interpreting radiological studies.

During our radiology elective, you’ll receive hands-on experience reading kidney ultrasounds and other imaging modalities. 

We’ll provide you with opportunities to shadow an interventional radiologist and assist on:

  • CT-guided renal biopsies
  • fistulograms
  • catheter placements
  • an assortment of vascular access related procedures

Sharpen Your Interpretatation Skills in Renal Imaging

Our training will help you feel comfortable interpreting renal ultrasounds, and you can expect to increase your knowledge about the appearance of common renal abnormalities seen on ultrasounds, including:

  • hydronephrosis
  • kidney stones
  • cystic kidney disease
  • bladder thickening or thinning and loss of renal cortex as seen in advanced chronic kidney disease

Additionally, the work you undertake during this elective will help you better understand:

  • indications for, utility of and diagnostic limitations of renal scans
  • indications for renal angiograms and abdominal CT scans

Gain Interdisciplinary Experience

Our radiology elective will train you to collaborate successfully with radiology attending physicians and radiology staff.

Years Taken

Take one module in year 1 or year 2.

Patient Population

This elective is focused on imaging; you will not see patients.

Clinical Sites