Hospital-Inpatient Medicine

Rotate on inpatient services in all our affiliated hospital systems, gaining expertise in managing a variety of patient bases and working with multiple professional environments and electronic health records systems.


Buffalo General Medical Center Floor Rotation

Team structure:

General Medicine: Medicine A, B and D

Will contain one senior resident and two interns in addition to 1-2 fourth-year medical students and 1-2 third-year students.

The primary objective of this rotation is learning. It’s important to have task lists and to complete them, but it’s most important to learn from the patients on your service. You need to learn different presentations of different illnesses and diseases. It is always easier to remember a disease when you can relate it to a patient who presented in a certain way. History is most important, followed by exam and then labs. You need to think independently and critically. Do not assume that the diagnosis made by the Emergency Department or Intensive Care Unit is necessarily correct.

Senior Resident Responsibilities

  1. Resident is the “Team Leader.”
  2. Responsible to go over the expectations with the various layers of the team.
  3. Responsible for all the patients on the primary team and also the team’s being covered.
  4. Ensures the smooth function of the team with the direct supervision of the interns and the students, the supervising role ranges from admission of a patient through discharge.
  5. Responsible to proper triage of the patients while doing the admissions.
  6. Ensures proper distribution of the patients across the team members.
  7. Maintains the intellectual curiosity of the team and provides both formal and informal teaching.
  8. Directly oversees the fourth-year medical students’ patients.
  9. Responsible for performing all the duties of the intern when the intern is off.
  10. Responsible for death summaries
  11. Responsible to evaluate all the members of the team at the end of the rotation, both verbal and written.
  12. Responsible for ensuring proper communication in the team and also with the attending and consultants.
  13. Responsible for protecting patient privacy and maintain professionalism at all times.
  14. Compliance with work hour rules is expected and the resident will oversee the team’s compliance and will notify and intervene when the compliance is breached.

Intern Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for patient care under the direct supervision of the team resident and the attending physician.
  2. Responsible for seeing all patients before the attending rounds including the ones admitted over the last short call.
  3. Responsible for writing daily progress notes and orders on their assigned patients, signing, stamping with date and time is expected.
  4. Responsible to dictate discharge summaries promptly for their assigned patients.
  5. Responsible for teaching and supervising third-year medical students.
  6. Responsible for cross covering patients and completing tasks which were signed out, when on call, which includes both short call and long call duties. Part of this responsibility is to update the individual team patient’s list in the team rooms with admissions.
  7. Responsible to carry the team pager, answering the pages promptly is expected.

Years Taken and Length of Rotation

  • PGY-1 (intern): three modules (4 weeks each)
  • PGY-2: two modules (4 weeks each)
  • PGY-3: one module (4 weeks)
  • PGY-4: one module (4 weeks)

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