Hospital-Inpatient Medicine

Rotate on inpatient services in all our affiliated hospital systems, gaining expertise in managing a variety of patient bases and working with multiple professional environments and electronic health records systems.


Buffalo VA Medical Center

Team structure:

General Medicine: Medicine A, B and C

Will contain one senior resident and two interns in addition to 1-2 fourth-year medical students and 1-2 third-year students.

Senior Resident Responsibilities

  1. Coordinating the day-to-day function of the team and directly supervising interns and sub-interns.
  2. Responsible for patient distribution to interns and medical students as well as assuring that patient load does not compromise patient care and educational goals.
  3. Responsible for supervising the entire admission of new patient, including reviewing all intern orders as well as writing addendum to intern’s note as needed.
  4. Senior residents are responsible for adequate communication of patient care issues among members of the team, including the attending physician.
  5. Responsible for providing written evaluations of the attending physician, interns, sub-interns and third-year students.

Intern Responsibilities

  1. All responsibilities and clinical privileges of the intern are under the guidance and supervision of the attending and resident physicians.
  2. Responsible for writing daily progress notes as well as reviewing and writing addendums to medical students’ daily notes on all patients assigned to them.
  3. Responsible for cross covering all medicine patients on the floors when on call. This includes: responding in a prompt and professional manners to all nursing questions and concerns, completing assigned patients tasks by the primary teams, evaluating acutely sick patients and writing progress notes to explain events. The on call resident is available at all times to aid the intern in the management of these patients. The intern is responsible for communicating in person the acute events to the primary team or the night float team.
  4. Responsible for supervising and teaching third-year medical students.
  5. Responsible for writing discharge summaries for each patient within 24 hours of discharge.

Years Taken and Length of Rotation

  • PGY-1 (intern): three modules (4 weeks each)
  • PGY-2: two modules (4 weeks each)
  • PGY-3: one module (4 weeks)
  • PGY-4: one module (4 weeks)

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