Intensive Treatment Unit

The intensive treatment unit has 18 beds and is dedicated to treating hard-to-manage adolescents. It typically sees 50 new admissions a year, with an average stay of 110 days. This unit takes referrals from acute psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities and community-based outpatient programs. Court orders account for 5 percent of admissions. The remainder include patients who failed to respond to less intensive inpatient treatment, typically at another institution.


  • externalizing disorders (100 percent of all patients, 40 percent with ADHD)
  • comorbid internalizing disorders (85 percent of patients; mostly PTSD, bipolar and other mood disorders)
  • psychotic disorder (25 percent)
  • mild mental retardation (10 percent)
  • other developmental disorder (80 percent)
  • significant axis III disorder (15 percent)

Patient Population

  • ages 12 to 18
  • 72 percent male
  • 63 percent Caucasian
  • 28 percent African-American
  • 6 percent Hispanic
  • 3 percent Native American