Resident Well-Being Subcommittee Meetings

The Resident Well-Being Subcommittee meets at 5:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of every other month at Wegmans Cafe Classroom, 601 Amherst St., Buffalo. A healthy dinner is served.

For more information, contact:

Susan Orrange.

Susan M. Orrange, MEd, PhD

Assistant Dean for Education & Resident Services

Office of Graduate Medical Education

955 Main Street, Room 7207, Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 829-6129; Fax: (716) 829-3999


Upcoming Meetings

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2022-2023 Resident Well-Being Subcommittee Members

Preksha Arora-Hughes, DO  
PGY4, Psychiatry
Remon Bebawee, MD Assistant Program Director, Internal Medicine  
Nicole Belko, MD PGY 5, Urology
Roseanne Berger, MD Family Medicine
Travis Blanton,  MD PGY4, Anesthesiology
Ryan Breuer, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatric
Gregory Cherr, MD Senior Associate Dean GME
Kelly Coughlin, MD PGY 3, OB GYN
Kenyani Davis, MD Lead Physician, UMRS/UDRS Resident and Fellow Employee Helth
Ashley Deluca, DO PGY 3, Family Medicine
Jessica Donhauser, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Andrew Gaddi, DO PGY 1, Osteopathic Family Medicine
Abigail Grapes, MD PGY 1, Surgery
Wendy Guyker, PHD Clinical Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education
Jordan Hart, MD PGY 2, Pediatrics
Matthew Henninger, Student School and Educational Psychology
Adrienne Hezghia, MD PGY 2, Family Medicine
Mirna Iskander, MD PGY 3, Pediatrics
Amelia Johnston, DO PGY 2, OB GYN
Manpreet Kaur, MBBS PGY 3, Internal Medicine CHS
Sharysse Kayoumedjian, MD PGY 3, Family Medicine
Hassan Khan, MD PGY 6, Cardiovascular Disease
Tamara Kurek, MD PGY 4, OB GYN
Adam Lorenzo, MD PGY 3, Anesthesiology
Justin McMaster, MD PGY 5, Pediatric Anesthesiology
Archana Mishra, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
Heather Mustavs, DO PGY 1, Pediatrics
Susan Orrange, PhD Co- Chair & Assistant Dean
Aya Ouf, MD PGY 3, Neurology
Sarah Pranaitis, DO PGY 1, Pediatrics
Sarah Quinn, MD PGY 2, Anesthesiology
Navpreet Rana, MD PGY 5, Gastroenterology
Samuel Rothman, MD PGY 4, Child Psychiatry
Lisa Samuels- Cox, MD PGY 2, Pediatrics  
Gregory Schenk, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, Family Medicine  
Michelle Schlesinger, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology
Ayesha Sease, MD PGY 1, Pediatrics
Ilana Selli, MD PGY 2, Neurology
Azka Shaikh, MD PGY 3, Neurology
Hussian Shallwani, MBBS PGY 5, Neurosurgery
Michael Shapiro, MD PGY 5, Urology
Rachelle St. Onge, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, OB GYN
Alia Syed, DO PGY 4, Psychiatry
Stuti Tambar, MD Clinical Assistant Professor, Surgery
Kyle Waisanen, MD PGY 5, Urology
Eric Weiss, MD PGY 1, Pathology
Gabrielle Yee, MD PGY 4, Surgery