Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Certificate and MD-MOMS

Students are accepted to the School of Medicine after already earning their DDS degree. They take a modified schedule in the first year of the program to develop the necessary clinical skills. In the last two years, the program is designed to provide students with the required medical rotations to broaden and strengthen their basic knowledge and skills in clinical medicine. Second-and third-year schedules are decided by lottery. See MD Degree Curriculum for additional information.


FIRST YEAR (enter as M2)

Fall & Spring Semesters (MD)

  • Clinical Practice of Medicine 2 (Fall)
  • Clinical Practice of Medicine 2 (Spring)
  • Required participation in two (M2 and M3 year) Interprofessional Education (IPE) forums. Grade for Core Topics (M3) is dependent upon successful completion of all IPE requirements.
  • Mandatory class meetings


Fall & Spring Semesters (MD)

  • 8 weeks each of Medicine and Surgery
  • 6 weeks each of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry and Family Medicine
  • 2 electives
  • Core Topics
  • Dilemmas in Clinical Medicine


Fall & Spring Semester (MD)

  • Basic Neurology*
  • Advanced Clerkship in Medicine
  • Transition to Residency
  • 5 Electives, chosen from the following:
    • ANE 800
    • ANE 950
    • EMM 800
    • EMM 802
    • NSR 800
    • OPH 800
    • OTO 809
    • OTO 811 (if offered)
    • OTO 820 (if offered)
    • PED 810
    • PED 816
    • PED 818
    • RGY 800
    • SUR 801
    • SUR 820
    *If taken as elective during third year, additional elective must be taken.
    ** M4 courses to be completed by Module I per medical school academic calendar.