Research Centers

The department’s associated research centers include:


Director: John M. Canty, MD

Conducts translational research in preclinical models of ischemic heart disease and pursues parallel patient-oriented investigation in humans with chronic coronary artery disease.


Provides comprehensive contracting, budget and trial initiation services for researchers and administrators. The Department of Medicine's Clinical Trial Office supports clinical research endeavors through study initiation, monitoring and assessment.


Directors: Danielle Goetz, MD (pediatric) and Carla A. Frederick, MD (adult)

Has participated in more than 40 clinical trials and has helped bring several drugs through development to clinical use for patients with CF, focusing on inhaled antibiotics, mucoactive drugs and CFTR potentiators and correctors.


Director: Ajay Chaudhuri, MD

Offers care for approximately 16,000 patients a year who have diabetes and other endocrine pathologies, making it the largest academic diabetic unit in New York.

Liver Biorepository at the UB Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Director: Andrew H. Talal, MD

Collects, stores and manages clinically annotated human liver samples for use in clinical and translational research. Offers samples from patients with a full spectrum of liver conditions, including fatty liver disease and hepatitis B and C.


Directors: John M. Canty, Jr., MD and Robert Zivadinov, MD, PhD

Provides cutting edge MRI and PET CT imaging facilities dedicated to advancing technical, basic, and translational research.


Director: Timothy F. Murphy, MD

An integrated academic home for UB’s outstanding clinical research and translational science, and the hub of the Buffalo Translational Consortium. The CTSI provides innovative research tools, support, training, resources and coordination.


Executive Director: Norma J. Nowak, PhD

Home to more than 250 scientists and research staff with physical, biological and computational expertise who are engaged in interdisciplinary translational research collaborations.


Director: Richard M. Gronostajski, PhD

This NYSTEM-funded Center is dedicated to promoting and supporting stem cell research within UB, Western New York and the world.


Director: Thomas Melendy, PhD

Brings together researchers and their students/fellows interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms of infectious diseases and host defenses against them.