Phase 2 Work Hours Policy

Policy Statement

Medical students on clinical rotations are required to follow the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) restrictions regarding work hours including a limit of 80 duty hours per week, averaged over a 4-week period, no consecutive work period over 24 hours and at least 24 consecutive hours off each week. Students are required to monitor their work hours and alert their course coordinator if there is a concern that work hour limits are in danger of being exceeded. Work hours pertain to clinical duties and do not include home study. The 24-hour work free period will be designated by the clinical rotation and is not at student discretion. If a student feels that this policy is being violated, he/she must report it via the procedures outlined in the Learning Environment Policy.

Reason For Policy

LCME Standard 8.8 Monitoring Student Time

The medical school faculty committee responsible for the medical curriculum and the program’s administration and leadership ensure the development and implementation of effective policies and procedures regarding the amount of time medical students spend in required activities, including the total number of hours medical students are required to spend in clinical and educational activities during clerkships.

Reviewed by Phase 2: 5/22/18
Passed by Curriculum Committee: 12/14/18
Policy Implementation: Clerkship Directors
Policy Contact: Senior Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs