Student Supervision Policy

Policy Statement

Patient care activities may include a certain number of bedside procedures that the students will learn by observing, assisting, and performing under supervision.  However, it is mandatory that the New York State Hospital Code regulations be closely followed.  According to these regulations, the students may only perform such activities under direct (in-person) supervision until a required level of competence is achieved, then the students may perform such procedures under general supervision. Direct and general supervision MUST be given by a provider who is certified to do that procedure. Commonly performed procedures include venous puncture, arterial puncture, bladder catheterization, and nasogastric tube insertion.  Students will perform all patient care activities under direct supervision unless the supervising provider specifically approves general supervision and the student feels comfortable performing the patient care activity.

Reason For Policy

LCME Standard 9.3 Clinical Supervision of Medical Students

A medical school ensures that medical students in clinical learning situations involving patient care are appropriately supervised at all times in order to ensure patient and student safety, that the level of responsibility delegated to the student is appropriate to his or her level of training, and that the activities supervised are within the scope of practice of the supervising health professional.

Reviewed by Phase 2: August 2018
Passed by Curriculum Committee: 12/14/18
Policy Implementation: Course/Clerkship Directors
Policy Contact: Senior Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs