Student Dress Code

Medical Student Dress Code

  • A clean long-sleeved white coat of suit coat length (short lab coat) will be worn when you are at a small group session or clinical setting in which you will interact with patients. The white coat serves to identify you as a medical student.
  • ID badges must be worn and easily viewable.
  • Your appearance and mode of dress should be that of a professional and neither provocative nor offensive. It is recommended that you dress conservatively and appear neat and clean (hair controlled, nails clipped and clean, etc.).
  • Clothing should not be restrictive, nor revealing. Blue jeans should not be worn. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Products with a strong fragrance should be avoided.
  • As a Jacobs School student, you are a guest of our clinical partners, and as such, should respect the dress code of each site they attend. Observe and model the style of dress of the other professionals at each location, and if you are unsure, please ask what is expected.

Policy approved and adopted from Diversity, Inclusion and Learning Environment (DIALE) Committee : 3/25/2021
Policy Implementation: Course and Clerkship Directors; Sr. Associate Dean for Student & Academic Affairs
Policy Contact: Sr. Associate Dean for Student & Academic Affairs