Grading and Feedback Policy

Policy Statement

All required courses/clerkships of 4 or more weeks must provide formal, mid-point formative feedback to students and maintain documentation of the completion of this requirement. Students in these courses/clerkships must complete an observed history and physical (CEX form) and all required clinical experiences, to be recorded in MedHub. These courses/clerkships are responsible for maintaining documentation of the completion of these requirements. Students who do not complete these requirements in these courses will receive an Unsatisfactory (U) in the course/clerkship.

Final grades for all courses and clerkships shall be available to students within 5 weeks of all course/clerkship requirements being completed.  For clinical courses/clerkships, the course/clerkship director will notify the department chair of delinquent evaluations preventing finalization of grades 3 weeks after course/clerkship completion. The Office of Accreditation and Quality Improvement will notify the Dean of remaining delinquencies 4 weeks after course/clerkship completion.

Reasons For Policy

LCME Standard 9.7 Formative Assessment and Feedback

The medical school’s curricular governance committee ensures that each medical student is assessed and provided with formal formative feedback early enough during each required course or clerkship to allow sufficient time for remediation. Formal feedback occurs at least at the midpoint of the course or clerkship. A course or clerkship less than four weeks in length provides alternate means by which a medical student can measure his or her progress in learning.

LCME Standard 9.8 Fair and Timely Summative Assessment

A medical school has in place a system of fair and timely summative assessment of medical student achievement in each course and clerkship of the medical education program. Final grades are available within six weeks of the end of a course or clerkship.

Revised by Phase 2: 9/14/2021
Passed by Curriculum Committee: 10/5/2021

Reviewed by Phase 2: 12/18/18
Passed by Curriculum Committee: 12/21/18
Policy Implementation: Course/Clerkship Directors
Policy Contact: Senior Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs