Narrative Assessment Policy

Policy Statement

Narrative assessments are defined by the LCME as “Written comments from faculty that assess student performance and achievement in meeting the objectives of a course or clerkship. (Element 9.5)”.

Courses in the preclinical years that contain small groups (_12 people) with the same facilitator for at least three sessions should provide narrative assessments to all students on their performance in the small group setting.  Facilitators should address both the student’s strengths and areas for improvement based on a rubric or evaluation form provided by the course director.

The Clinical Practice of Medicine courses must provide narrative assessments on all final evaluation forms.

Required courses/clerkships in the clinical years must provide narrative assessment at the midpoint of the course as outlined in the Feedback and Grading policy.  Narrative assessments must be included on all final evaluation forms for required courses/clerkships in the clinical years.

Reason For Policy

LCME Standard 9.5 Narrative Assessment

A medical school ensures that a narrative description of a medical student’s performance, including his or her non-cognitive achievement, is included as a component of the assessment in each required course and clerkship of the medical education program whenever teacher-student interaction permits this form of assessment.

Reviewed by Phase 1/2:
Passed by Curriculum Committee: 12/14/18
Policy Implementation: Course/Clerkship Directors
Policy Contact: Senior Associate Dean for Medical Curriculum