Digital Communications Guidelines

Please refer to the following guidelines for listserv messages and digital monitor slides before submitting a request. These guidelines are intended to ensure that content is of sufficient quality, meets university and school branding and editorial standards, and helps guard against oversaturation of email messaging to all Jacobs School audiences.

Listserv Messages

The Office of Communications, in consultation with the Dean’s office, reserves the right to refrain from sending messages that are deemed of not sufficient interest for the listserv audience or contains information that is offensive, disparaging, or otherwise inappropriate.

For consideration when receiving listserv message requests:

  1. There are more than two dozen listserv lists. Requesters should specify which group(s) they would like to reach with their message. Please contact us if the audience you are trying to reach is not listed here. 

    Most commonly used lists:

    -Jacobs School Faculty
    -Jacobs School Staff
    -Jacobs School Students
    -Jacobs School Faculty/Staff
    -Jacobs School All
    -Health Sciences Faculty
    -Health Sciences Staff
    -Health Sciences Students
    -Health Sciences Faculty/Staff
    -Health Sciences All

  2. Requests should contain information to be of interest to a large group of people and not limited to a single department or office (thesis defenses, department meetings, etc).
  3. While listserv items may deal with a controversial subject, attacks or bullying on the poster or any individuals, groups, or beliefs will not be tolerated.
  4. Contact information, including an email address and phone number for a person, should be included in every listerv message, so that recipients may reach out with questions.
  5. The listserv owners serve as facilitators in the process of sending out messages; they are not expected to correspond with or answer questions about the information being sent out.
  6. Listserv messages will be sent out judiciously in order to guard against email overload. In most cases, messages should be sent only once
  7. Please provide requests with as much advance notice as possible, but a minimum of 3 days notice is required so that messages can be reviewed, edited, clarified with the sender, and scheduled.

Digital Monitor Slides

Please allow two to three days for your slides to be added to the rotation.

Before submitting slides to be displayed on the school's digital monitors, please check that they meet these requirements:

Orientation and File Size

  • Horizontal Screen (wide) 1920px by 1080px at 300ppi
  • Vertical Screen (tall) 1080px by 1920px at 300ppi

File Format

  • PDF
  • JPG

Also, be sure to include in your submission request important information below:


  • Start Date (when the slides should start running)
  • End Date (the last day the slides should be displayed)


  • Total number of slides submitted