Group Psychotherapy Supervision

Our group psychotherapy supervision series emphasizes both theory and practical techniques for several modalities of psychotherapy.

In addition to case-based supervision, we’ll use video recordings from patient sessions with trainees and attending physicians — as well as clips from iconic movies — to enhance your understanding of discussions and assigned readings.

First- and second-year fellows learn alongside one another for the majority of this series, including sessions on:

  • helping the noncompliant child
  • family therapy
  • behavior therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavioral therapy

As a second-year fellow, you’ll take on increased responsibility as you undertake the series a second time.

For two blocks, our fellowship classes are divided; first-year fellows will engage in a series on “talking with kids and basic psychodynamic psychotherapy,” while second-year fellows engage in advanced therapy and advanced psychodynamic psychotherapy.