FMD 700 Family Medicine Clerkship

The goals of this course are to teach medical students the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes involved in the discipline of family medicine, primarily in the diagnosis and management of common undifferentiated problems of patients of all ages in the ambulatory setting and to promote independent learning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The course consists of two components: a clinical preceptorship and small-group teaching sessions. Students will have the opportunity to see family medicine patients in various urban, suburban and rural inpatient and outpatient settings, including home visits, nursing home visits, night call and the coordination of patient care with community social agencies.

The tutorial component consists of problem-based learning and independent study.

At an orientation on the first day of the clerkship, each student will receive a detailed syllabus describing clerkship objectives, responsibilities, course curriculum and student evaluation.  

Prerequisite: MS3 (this is a required third-year clerkship) 

Blocks: 1-4

Course Director: Andrew Symons, MD

Course Coordinator: Michelle Kline