The Department of Pediatrics provides educational experiences at the Oishei Children's Hospital, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, and affiliated clinics and offices. The departmental faculty represents a broad range of medical expertise with a strong focus in primary care as well as specialists in all major pediatric subspecialty areas. The Department of Pediatrics has a tradition of excellence in clinical teaching and has maintained a commitment to the education of all medical students toward the understanding of major medical and social issues in child health. Students who participate in educational experiences with the Department of Pediatrics will be provided opportunities to study in both inpatient and ambulatory clinical settings. All educational experiences will be closely supervised by full-time faculty members. Students will be provided educational goals and timely feedback on their progress.

At Oishei Children's Hospital, inpatient teaching experiences will include the evaluation of children with a wide range of serious medical problems. Students will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in the performance of appropriate historical and physical examination skills for children of all ages from infancy through adolescence. Students will participate actively in ward teaching rounds and learn not only the pathophysiology of pediatric disease, but also the clinical art of caring for children with medical illnesses. Clinical teaching experiences will include subspecialty services in ambulatory pediatrics, cardiology, endocrinology & diabetes, emergency medicine, critical care, dermatology/allergy/immunology, gastroenterology, hematology/oncology, genetics, infectious disease, neonatology, nephrology, pulmonary disease, and developmental and rehabilitative pediatrics. During pediatric electives and clerkships, students are expected to participate in regularly scheduled departmental and divisional seminars. All departmental educational programs are open to any interested student.

Educational and clinical experiences are also available at Mercy Hospital, which includes studying general pediatrics in the ambulatory setting. Emphasis is placed on continuity of clinical care, growth and development, as well as common pediatric diseases.

Research experiences during the fourth year of medical studies are available for both bench research and patient-related studies. These research opportunities allow students to work directly with senior faculty and to gain insight into the process of conducting biomedical research, analyzing data, and understanding ethical issues related to biomedical research.

Department Coordinator: Sue Quirk

Course Descriptions