PED 820 Ambulatory Preceptorship in General Pediatrics, 4 credits

The goals of this rotation are to provide the students with exposure to the setting of a private pediatric practice and firsthand experience in providing primary care to pediatric patients.

The student will see well and sick pediatric patients under the direct supervision of a pediatric preceptor. The amount of student responsibility will at least include independently performing histories, physical examinations, and forming assessments of patients seen. The student may make hospital rounds with the pediatric preceptor and will have the opportunity to observe the various functional aspects of a private pediatric practice, e.g., telephone contacts, appointment schedules, the use of consultations, social agencies, etc.

With this rotation, students should gain a greater facility in working with parents and children in the ongoing process of providing care for well and sick children and adolescents. Students should gain some appreciation of the ways in which pediatricians serve patients and the community.

Student must identify site before registering.

Prerequisite: MS4

Modules: A-K

Number of students: 5

Course Director: Wayne R. Waz, MD

Course Coordinator: Sue Quirk