MD-PhD Program

The MD-PhD Program integrates students’ clinical and basic-science talents early, establishing a firm foundation for their careers as physician-scientists.

The first two years of training mirrors the syllabus of the medical student. Students are also required to attend a research seminar program to augment their education and reinforce their basic scientific knowledge. During the summer, between the first and second year, students are required to obtain research experience in two to three laboratories in order to acquaint themselves with different programs and departments related to their research interests. This is an important and indispensable exercise for MD-PhD students; however, our goal is for the student to make a commitment to a department or a thesis adviser at the beginning of the second year.

After the completion of the second year, students will focus on the PhD department of their choice. Students must qualify in the PhD department of their choice and undergo an admission procedure as that of any other student applying to that program.

The last-year-and-a-half of the MD-PhD is designed to provide students with the required medical rotations to broaden and strengthen their basic knowledge and skills in clinical medicine. During this period of time, students are also required to attend the MD-PhD seminars. The required advanced clinical courses include Advanced Medicine, Surgical Specialties and Neurology. Once all the requirements have been met, students can adjust the remaining time in the program to conform to their individual needs. All elective courses must be approved by the OME.

MD-PhD students are expected to remain in good standing both as graduate students and medical students. Performance in the first two years will be evaluated based on graduate school standards. Students are required a grade of high satisfactory or better in all medical school courses.

Course Descriptions

  • MST 601 Research Seminar, 1 credit
    This course is designed to expose MD-PhD students to the current advances in basic and clinical research in a variety of biological and medical disciplines.