The Department of Psychiatry teaches courses in behavioral science and psychiatry during three years of medical school. The curriculum consists of participation in Neuroscience and Behavior, the psychiatry clerkship and electives during the clinical years.

During Neuroscience and Behavior, major psychiatric illnesses are taught with an emphasis on their etiologic and clinical presentations.

In the third year, the psychiatric clerkship enables students to expand and integrate psychiatric knowledge within a clinical setting. The clerk gains skills in psychiatric assessment, interviewing, comprehensive treatment planning, psychotherapy, and use of psychotropic drugs. During the clerkship, students gain experience treating patients with psychiatric difficulties in in-patient and out-patient settings.

Electives are offered in a wide variety of subjects, and provide students with intensive experience in selected areas of psychiatry. Fourth-year electives enable students to select clinical and research experiences tailored to their particular interests.

The Department of Psychiatry draws upon the clinical facilities of many area hospitals and the expertise of its full-time and volunteer faculty to offer students a breadth of learning experiences.

Department Coordinator: Leanne Hatswell

Course Descriptions