PTY 810 Emergency Psychiatry, 4 credits

The objectives of this rotation are to teach students the clinical evaluation of patients in crisis, assessment of patients at risk for violence against self or others and techniques of crisis interventions. 

The student will evaluate patients who come to the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program at ECMC. The student's patient assessment and disposition will be reviewed by an attending psychiatrist. When appropriate, the student will follow patients for crisis intervention. 

With successful completion of the course, the student should be able to assess patients in psychiatric crisis in terms of psychiatric diagnosis and contributing psychosocial stressors, assess violence potential and form late treatment planning. In addition, the student will have mastered basic techniques of crisis intervention. 

MS3 must contact the course coordinator to add by add/drop form after registration.

Prerequisite: MS4 or MS3 with successful completion of PTY 700

Modules: A-K  Blocks: 2-4

Number of students: 1

Course Director: 

Course Coordinator: Leanne Hatswell