The Department of Dermatology participates in patient care at Buffalo General Medical Center and the Veterans Administration Medical Center.

In addition to outpatient clinics, the department provides inpatient care, inpatient consultations, dermatopathology services, dermatologic surgery, and clinical and basic science research. Educational programs are available for undergraduate medical students, primary care residents and continuing education for dermatologists in the community. The Buffalo Rochester Dermatologic Society meets quarterly during the academic year.

Fourth-year elective courses for undergraduate medical students are integrated into the other educational activities of the department. Students will be exposed to common skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis as well as less well known disorders such as mycosis fungoides and the bullous dermatoses. The overall goal of the fourth-year electives is to understand the contribution of the field of dermatology to complete patient care.

Department Coordinator: Michelle Pelletier

Course Descriptions

  • 10/12/21
    During this elective, the student will become familiar with the anatomy of the skin, adnexal structures, general function and pathological processes; learn to describe skin lesions by morphology and distribution; learn to recognize common skin disorders and understand diagnostic methods and treatment; understand the contribution of the dermatologist, dermatopathologist and the dermatologic surgeon in the care of skin disorders.
  • 3/6/20
    This course is by arrangement with another university and the University at Buffalo Department of Dermatology.
  • 3/6/20
    Contact department regarding research possibilities before registering.