PTY 820 Clerkship in Child Psychiatry-Clinical Child Psychiatry, 4 credits

The goal of this month is to familiarize students with what a child and adolescent psychiatrist does. This rotation provides a broad exposure to multiple child psychiatric settings.

The core experience involves the student as a participant-observer in a wide variety of in- and out-patient settings, including Oishei Children's Hospital, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (outpatient clinic and consult service), Western New York Children's Psychiatric Center, Erie County Medical Center (adolescent psychiatric unit), Renaissance House (substance abuse), and multiple community sites. Students have the opportunity to work with all core faculty in the division, while seeing a wide variety of patients and families as well as treatment modalities. At the completion of the month the student is expected to write a brief essay on a topic of interest.

Upon completion of the clerkship students will have learned what a clinical child and adolescent psychiatrist does on a day-to-day basis. The student will develop their skill in evaluating children/adolescents and will become familiar with current treatment modalities commonly utilized.

The month can be tailored to accommodate specific interests of individual students. This should be discussed with Elizabeth Sengupta (Child Residency Program Administrator) prior to beginning the rotation. The clinical contact is augmented by scheduled teaching activities.

Must contact the course coordinator for availability prior to registering.

Prerequisites: MS4

Modules: A-K

Number of students: 1

Course Coordinator: Leanne Hatswell