PED 818 Subinternship in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, 4 credits

The purpose of this rotation is to familiarize the student with the recognition and management of a variety of acute problems that present in the pediatric ICU patient.

The student will make initial evaluations of selected patients in the ICU, which will include the history, thorough chart review, physical examination and discussion with the pediatric attending. He or she will follow these patients daily through their ICU course and be involved in bedside discussions of the pertinent clinical issues. When on call, the student will remain in the Intensive Care Unit overnight.

On completion of this rotation, the student should have developed sufficient diagnostic and management skills to be able to participate in the care of pediatric ICU patients.

Full time, including nights and weekends.

Prerequisite: MS4

Modules: A-K

Number of students: 1

Course Instructors: Omar Al-Ibrahim, MD; Ryan Breur, MD; Amanda Hassinger, MD; Christopher Heard, MBChB; James Hereth, MD; Bree Kramer, DO

Course Coordinator: Sue Quirk