PED 837 Pediatric Newborn Nursery, 4 credits

The goal of this rotation is to provide an encompassing experience in the care of a newborn.

The student will participate in the evaluation of newborns in the nursery as well as in Labor and Delivery. This will involve mostly healthy babies but will include stable preterm infants [>36 weeks] as well as medical decision making in the treatment of an ill infant and common newborn issues. Skills in physical examination, history taking, assessment and plan of care will be stressed. The student will have his/her own patients to follow from the initial encounter and through the entire hospitalization until discharge. At each step, education will be provided in the form of protocols, case presentations, AAP guidelines and “hands on care” with the Attending Physicians as well as Lactation Nurses. Students will learns how to assess the parents’ transition and help them to provide a nurturing, safe environment for their infant.

This rotation should provide the student with confidence in their skills and ability to care for a newborn and his/her family. Students are excused from any on-call responsibilities.

Prerequisite: MS4 or MS3 who has successfully completed PED 700

Modules: A - J

Number of students: 1

Course Instructors: Catherine Murak, MD; Christina Burnett, MD; Josephine Welliver, MD

Course Coordinator: Sue Quirk