Research Honors

Research Honors are awarded at graduation to students who have pursued outstanding research during medical school. This application is designed to help the selection committee determine your qualifications for this distinction. The criteria used in evaluating your application will be:

  1. the duration of your research activity while in medical school,
  2. the focus or development of your interest,
  3. the role that you played in the research effort,
  4. the quality of your efforts as indicated by publication, presentation
  5. awards for your work.

Supporting Documents


List all publications using standard bibliographic style, include title and all authors as well as the journal reference and date. Indicate present status of manuscripts if not published (i.e. in preparation, submitted, in press) Do not list abstracts.

Presentations and Abstract

List presentations by year; include title, authors and where the work was presented (i.e. name of the meeting), indicate whether the abstract was published.


List any awards you have received for your research; indicate the project title, the year and the organization giving the award.


List your mentor and any other referee whom you have asked to write letters to the committee evaluating your research. (Letters should be addressed to the Office of Medical Education and specify "Research Honors" on the envelope)


A copy of your updated curriculum vitae. You may also include copies of publications, manuscripts or other material that may help in the evaluation.  

Application for Research Honors


If you have any questions please contact:

Severin, Charles

40 Biomedical Education Building Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829-2802