Away Elective

You may take away electives at any of the more than 200 clinical institutions and hospitals with which we have affiliation agreements.

Approval of awat electives are made on an individual basis, considering the academic value of the elective and your academic status.

Students have 11 months to complete 8 courses and must save time for interviews. Application dates vary from school to school. You may need to take a vacation month before or after an away elective rotation to fit their schedules.

Visit the VSAS List of Institutions to search for the application dates.


Only fourth-year students in good standing are eligible to take an away elective.


A current affiliation agreement must be in place between UB and the training institution.

No more than four away electives may be taken and no more than two away electives may be taken at the same institution.


  1. Discuss the possibility and advisability of taking an away elective in a comparable department with the appropriate Jacobs School department chair or course coordinator.
  2. All medical students receive an email from the Office of Student and Academic Affairs about the process of taking away electives. If you wish to take an away elective, you must email your response to the following questions:
    • Have you had ACLS training? If yes, provide expiration date.
    • Have you has BLS training? If yes, provide expiration date.
    • Have you had a mask fit test? If yes, send a copy of the report.
    • Have you had a criminal background check?  If yes, when and send a copy.
  3. Upon receiving your email, we will send you authorization to log into VSAS.
  4. Log into VSAS and apply for the away elective.
  5. After applying for the rotation, we will upload your transcript and any other supporting documents that you need for your VSAS application.
  6. You will receive confirmation on whether you were accepted into the away elective.
  7. Upon acceptance, you must complete the Away Elective Form to get your away elective registration made and respective department notified.   


Send all correspondence about away electives to:

Sherene Milizia.

Sherene Milizia


Office of Student and Academic Affairs

955 Main Street, Room 1205 Buffalo, NY 14203-1121

Phone: (716) 829-2802; Fax: (716) 829-2798