Address/Data Change

Students can use their HUB student center via MyUB to update their address information.

  1. Select PROFILE tile.
  2. Select Addresses from the menu.
  3. Click the plus (+) button to add a new address to one of the available categories. Select the Add Address button to add an address.
  4. To edit an address, click on the address you want to change. Make the changes and Save.

When you edit an address this will only update the address in that category that you selected. You will need to update each address individually to change multiple addresses.

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 716-645-5698 or by email at

Change of Address: Non-Hub Access

This form can only be used by students whose last semester of attendance was fall 2010 or earlier. If you were enrolled during the spring 2011 semester or later, you must change your address in your HUB student center via MyUB.

Student Change of Name

Current and former students may have need to change the name associated with their academic records to accurately reflect the name by which they are known in the larger world.

Typical reasons for this may include marriage, divorce, naturalization, use of a variation of the name, etc. If you do request a change of name, we will change all of your records to reflect that new name.

After we do that, your UB academic records, financial records, future academic transcripts and future diplomas will reflect the new name.