Hospital Credentialing and Access

Medical students undergo credentialing before beginning their clerkship year. Credentialing and onboarding processes are completed during training sessions at the time of clinical orientation facilitated by the Office of Student and Academic Affairs with our hospital partners and affiliated sites.

For medical students in their foundation (preclinical) years who are shadowing or conducting research at our hospital partners or affiliated sites, access must be applied for.

Kaleida Sites

Kaleida EMR Access, AIR and ID Badge

Kaleida Sites:

  • Buffalo General Medical Center (BGMC)
  • Gates Vascular Institute (GVI)
  • Oishei Children's Hospital (OCH)
  •  Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital (MFSH)

EMR service desk contact (716) 853-7777

Access Troubleshooting:

Kaleida ID Badge Request Form

You are required to know your 6 digit Kaleida Associate number. If you do not know your Kaleida Associate number, you can obtain this information by calling the IT Service Desk, (716) 859-7777, option #1.

Research Associate Access

Application for Appointment as a Research Associate

  1. Review Kaleida Health Research Associate Orientation Manual.
  2. Complete a Kaleida Health Research Associate Application.
    • Please make sure that your UB student health immunizations, including your annual influenza vaccine, are current before submitting pages 6-7 for approval by one of the OSAA Deans.
    • You can view your student health medical record via Patient Portal.

Please reach out to Deonna Coleman, Clinical Regulatory Administrator, Kaleida Health should you have any questions.

Visiting Medical Students

Before a visiting medical student can rotate at any Kaleida Health sites, an affiliation agreement must be established between Kaleida Health and the student's home institution.

For assistance in setting up this affiliation agreement, please contact Katelyn Grimm, Clinical Education Coordinator.

General Physicians

Theresa Van Dusen, Provider Recruiter, GPPC.


Troubleshooting/Help Desk or reach out to Naomi Cohan, Account Manager, HEALTHeLINK / HEALTHeNET.

Jericho Road

Amanda Knecht, Office Manager, Jericho Road

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

All Roswell clinical credentialing and onboarding are handled by each respective course coordinator. This process is initiated promptly once confirmed into the clinical experience as the onboarding process takes around one month to finalize.

UBMD Sites

UBMD Allscripts including EMR Access for Research

  1. Complete a UBMD Enterprise Systems Access Request Form (Non Provider) linked above.
  2. Return complete form to Michael Konig and Summer Musleh.

General questions can be directed to Robert Colpoys, Clinical Systems Analyst, UBMD.

VA Medical Center

Application for Student EMR Access  (Trainee Qualifications & Credentials Verification-TQCVL)

Mask-Fit Test

All medical students in clinical settings are mandated to undergo N-95 mask fit testing. The Office of Student and Academic Affairs facilitates arrangements with ECMC to ensure that all students fulfill this requirement at our hospitals and affiliated partner sites.

Additionally, mask-fit testing is arranged for medical students who register for preclinical electives with this requirement.

Record of Mask-Fit Test Report

Students were provided a copy of their mask-fit report by ECMC during their mask-fit testing appointment. If you no longer have your copy and require it, please complete the form below and return to Carrie Wieder.


Please reach out to Carrie Wieder, Outreach Coordinator/Social Casework Manager, ECMC.