Clinical Electives (M4/M3)

Please refer to the coursebook for elective offerings within each department. Electives listed have information regarding prerequisites (if any), when it is being offered, number of students spots, clerkship director and coordinator information should you have questions.  

M4 elective module and M3 elective block dates line up for the 2022-2023 academic year.

2022-2023 Elective Module/Block Dates

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
M4 Module/ M3 Block
A/ 1-A
Jun 27 - Jul 24
B/ 1-B
Jul 25 - Aug 21
C/ 1-C
Aug 22 - Sep 18
D/ 2-A
Sep 19 - Oct 16
E/ 2-B
Oct 17 - Nov 13
F/ 2-C
Nov 14 - Dec 11
Dec 12 - Jan 8
H/ 3-A
Jan 9 - Feb 5
I/ 3-B
Feb 6 - Mar 5
J/ 3-C
Mar 6 - Apr 2
K/ 4-A
Apr 3 - Apr 30
L/ 4-B
May 1 - May 28
M/ 4-C
May 29 - Jun 25

Away Electives

You are limited to two away electives, but the same away elective course below can be registered for more than once. After being accepted to an away elective through VSLO|VSAS, you must be registered for the corresponding away elective course listed below using the away elective form.  

Research Electives

Students may, by special arrangement, elect to undertake research experience with any member of the UB faculty. Rotations may extend for periods of one to several modules as long as the student’s schedule will allow. The value of the research, its goals, design, techniques, etc., are to be arranged by the student and his or her faculty preceptor.

Prior to registering for a research elective, students will need to meet with Dr. David Milling, senior associate dean for medical education, regarding project and work with the department to find a faculty mentor. Students should discuss project ideas with their mentor and provide a short description of the research they would like to conduct during the elective. Students will then take this description to the department chair and/or course director for approval.

Research Proposal Templates