IMC 565 Asylum Medicine, 3 credits

The goal of this elective is to provide an encompassing experience in advocacy and medical legal partnerships created to support individuals seeking asylum in the United States. Throughout the course of this elective, students will explore how forensic evaluations are conducted, documented, and their clinical utilty in immigration courts. Specifically, students will develop, practice and refine their ability to document quality affidavits that can be utilized as objective medical evidence in an individual’s case for asylum. Additionally, students will be introduced to themes such as trauma-informed care, how to serve detained clients, and the diversity of asylum cases that are addressed in Buffalo. This elective is directed towards all medical students interested in working with underserved populations and patients whose health is largely affected by legal, social and cultural barriers to care.

Prerequisites: MS1, MS2, MS3 and MS4 in good academic standing

Semester: Spring (1/23/2023-4/10/2023)

Number of students: 20

Course Director: Kim S. Griswold, MD; Dori R. Marshall, MD