EMM 802 Advanced Clerkship in Emergency Medicine, 4 credits

During this rotation, students will obtain history, do physical examinations and present cases to attendings/residents and, in consultation, carry out ancillary investigations such as laboratory tests and X-rays.  They will be expected to interpret results of such tests and actively participate in treatment. Students will be expected to attend EM Grand Rounds and the student lecture series.

Upon completion of the rotation, students should be able to carry out the initial management of Emergency Room patients; adequate history and physical examinations with reference to the specific problem in the Emergency Room setting; recognize skeletal trauma on X-rays as well as other radiological abnormalities as related to their presenting complaint.  They will be able to recognize problems needing specialized management and consult appropriate services.  They will develop procedural skills including arterial blood gasses, IV insertion, urinary/nasogastric catheter insertion, incision and drainage of abscesses, appropriate local anesthesia, suturing superficial lacerations, application and removal of plaster casts, surgical dressings and splints.

Students who have successfully completed the EMM800 (Introduction to Emergency Medicine) course will also take part in additional ultrasound activities and become familiar with basic skills in common point of care ultrasound in the emergency department.

Prerequisite: MS4 and successful completion of EMM800

Modules: A - K

Number of students: 4

Clerkship Director: Samantha Bodonaro, MD

Course Coordinator: Chrissy Skrzypinski