EMM 804 Introduction to Ultrasound, 4 credits

This 4 week elective will introduce the basics of bedside ultrasound including ultrasound physics, proper utilization of equipment, and performance of common bedside ultrasound studies.

Students will complete and interpret at least 250 ultrasound exams in the following categories: FAST exam, cardiac, renal, biliary, abdominal aorta, female reproductive/pregnancy, soft tissue, and DVT. They will participate in didactics with the UB|MD Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Division and will be asked to present a 15 minute presentation or contribute to a research paper.

Students will complete a written exam at the end of the elective.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of MED 700 or SUR 700. MS3 students must have completed one of these courses or be currently enrolled and then only allowed to take this elective during the b or c module.

Modules: A - M 
Blocks: 1b-4

Number of students: 1

Course Director: Daniel Mirsch, DO

Course Coordinator: Chrissy Skrzypinski