FMD 830 Primary Care Diagnostic Imaging, 4 credits

The principles of X-Ray positioning and the effects of ionizing radiation on biological systems will be covered. Practical experience will include evaluation/review of imaging studies and interpretation. 

The scope of this imaging course includes:

  • physics of imaging
  • processes involved in the use of imaging
  • image storage
  • the use of computer-assisted imaging programs
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • computed tomography
  • myelography
  • discography
  • radionuclide imaging
  • mammography
  • fluoroscopy
  • ultrasonography

Prerequisite: MS3 or MS4

Modules: A-K Blocks: 1-4

Number of students: 2

Course Instructors: Serghany, Gerow and Feld

Course Coordinator: Michelle Kline