FMD 840 Primary Ambulatory Care - Sports Medicine, 4 credits

The goals of the rotation are to enable students to observe and participate in, on an intensive basis, the full range of primary care sports medicine delivery by a family physician. Assignments for this course can be made in a variety of settings: urban, suburban, inner city, rural or a family medicine center. Every effort will be made to accommodate students with their preference. Students will observe and assist in the care of ambulatory patients only (No OR/ surgery time). This will include orthopaedic injuries, ultrasound-guided joint injections, concussion management, casting/splinting, X-ray interpretation, in addition to the more common ambulatory problems.

Prerequisite: MS4 or MS3 or permission of OME and instructor. Contact departmental office for site location. 

Modules: A,B, E & F (Fall) & J-M (Spring)

Course Director: Scott Darling, MD; Jason Matuszak, MD

Number of students: 1