IDM 520/521 Clinical Practice of Medicine (CPM-1), 4 credits

The Clinical Practice of Medicine is a two-year course which is designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills required in clinical practice. During the first year of this course, you will learn basic skills that are essential for clinical medicine, including medical interviewing, the performance of a physical examination and the medical write-up. Working in seminar groups and with community-based physicians, students will focus in the fall semester on developing patient-centered communication skills and the challenges of medical interviewing. In the spring semester, continuing with seminar groups and preceptorships, the focus will be primarily on developing physical examination skills.

At the end of each semester there will be a clinical competency exam where students will demonstrate and confirm skill attainment. 

Fall/spring semesters

Number of students: 180

Required course for all first year medical students (MS1)

Course Director: Andrew B. Symons, MD