IDM 820 An Introduction to Designing Medical Curriculum, 4 credits

This 4-week elective will provide an overview of basic principles in the development of medical curriculum. 

Students will spend 4 weeks in the Office of Medical Curriculum at the Jacobs School learning about how medical curriculum is developed and participating in some of the day-to-day activities within the office that contribute to the creation and implementation of the curriculum at our medical school. 

Students will be expected to work with the administration in the Office of Curriculum to choose a medical curriculum topic to research and be expected to give a presentation about that topic by the end of the elective. Work on this project can begin prior to the designated elective month and can be spread out over many months. Although there can be flexibility in the schedule, students will be expected to be physically present for important activities during the designated elective month. 

Students will also be expected to complete the 21-hour online Coursera course entitled: Instructional Methods in Health Professions Education before and/or during the elective block. 

Students will also be expected to participate as an ad-hoc student member of the Curriculum Committee Course Evaluation Subcommittee during the month of the elective and actively participate in a review of a medical school Course or Clerkship.

Prerequisite: MS4 or MS3

Modules: C - F (Fall); H - I and L - M (Spring)   Blocks: Blocks 1C - 2C (Fall); 3A - 3B and 4B - 4C (Spring)

Number of Students: 1

Course Director: Lisa Jane Jacobsen MD, MPH, MSHPEd