MED 809 Allergy–Clinical Immunology, 4 credits

During this rotation, students will learn about the diagnosis and management of allergic and immunologic diseases. Particular attention will be directed toward the common respiratory allergies, asthma, food and drug reactions, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, angioedema, hymenoptera sensitivity, autoimmune disorders, and primary and secondary immunodeficiency diseases. The student will attend pediatric and adult clinics each week and will also attend weekly teaching sessions, journal club, and research seminars.

Upon completion of this rotation, students will have learned to take a history for allergic and immunologic diseases and to perform appropriate physical examination, skin tests, and simple spirometry. They also will learn to formulate a therapeutic program of environmental control, pharmacotherapy including the use of intravenous gamma globulin, and immunotherapy. Additionally, students will become familiar with the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis and treatment of allergic and immunologic diseases.

Students must contact the course coordinator for permission prior to registering.

Prerequisite: MS3 or MS4 and permission of the department

Modules: A-M Blocks: 1-4

Number of students: 1

Course Director: Sean P. Brady, MD

Course Coordinator: Anna Alvarado Marwin