MED 811 University Program in Endocrinology, 4 credits

This rotation will give the student a broad-based exposure to endocrine diseases, focusing on diagnosis, pathophysiology and management. The students will participate in clinics and inpatient consult services. Approximately 60% of the time will be spent in the ambulatory diabetes and general endocrinology clinics where new and established patients are evaluated. Hospital-based consults are drawn from a variety of disciplines including internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry and OB-GYN. Spending part of the rotation in a practitioner’s office can be arranged.

The rational use of diagnostic methods and therapy will be stressed during the rotation in clinics, attending rounds, and at the weekly clinical conference. At the end of the experience, the student should have a general understanding of pathophysiology and diagnostic methods in endocrinology.

Prerequisite: MS3 or MS4

Modules: A-M  Blocks: 1-4

Number of students: 3

Course Director: Antoine Makdissi, MD

Course Coordinator: Anna Alvarado Marwin