MED 890 Course at Another University, 4 credits

This elective will offer the students an opportunity to expose themselves to other hospitals, universities, and faculty outside of Buffalo, in general internal medicine or a subspecialty of internal medicine. As a general rule, the maximum number of allowable out-of-town rotations in medicine is two months. Exceptions can be developed for students desiring to pursue specific academic objectives, such as a research-oriented tract in some area of medicine not well represented in Buffalo at the present time. In order to arrange such an elective, a definite program must be set up with the appropriate faculty member of the other school and a letter sent to the student noting the approval along with the course description. The student must then fill out an “Out of Town Elective” card which may be obtained from OME at the medical school. The card and letter must be submitted to the Internal Medicine Clerkship office for final approval.

Prerequisite: MS4 and approval by UB Department of Medicine and a faculty member of the visiting school.

Modules: A-K

Number of students: Unlimited

Course Director: William Blymire Jr., MD

Course Coordinator: Anna Alvarado Marwin