MED 900 Preceptorship in Medicine, 4 credits

This rotation will give the students a broader opportunity to arrange their own preceptorships with any members of the faculty of the Department of Medicine. All such programs must be approved by the Internal Medicine Clerkship director, as well as the faculty member with whom the students choose to work.

Each student will have the opportunity to work closely with a preceptor and become acquainted with diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of patient management in the hospital or office setting either in general internal medicine or in one of the subspecialties of internal medicine. In addition, they are involved in the initiation of a diagnostic and management plan. They follow the patients throughout their hospital or office course.

These preceptorships include, but are not limited to, general internal medicine, combined internal medicine-pediatrics, critical care, primary ambulatory care, renal disease, and hepatology. The preceptorships cannot be used to satisfy specific medical school requirements for Advanced Medicine (MED 802) and/or experience in primary ambulatory care.

At the conclusion of the preceptorship, the students should have improved their technical skills in obtaining proper histories and doing sound physical examinations. They are also expected to have gained insight about diagnostic modalities rendered by the attending physician in general internal medicine or subspecialties. The student is required to obtain the approval of their selected preceptor before course registration.

Prerequisites: MS3 or MS4

Modules: A-K  Blocks: 1-4

Number of students: Unlimited

Course Director: William Blymire Jr., MD

Course Coordinator: Anna Alvarado Marwin