NSR 800 Subinternship in Neurosurgery, 4 credits

The purpose of this rotation is to give medical students who are interested in entering the field of Neurosurgery an opportunity to become a part of the Neurosurgical team, functioning as a “subintern” on the Neurosurgical service. 

The goal of this subinternship is to familiarize the students with clinical entities of the central nervous system and peripheral nerves that are amenable to surgical treatment. 

The program includes participation in the clinical activities of the neurosurgical services: evaluation of patients, neurodiagnostics, and surgical operations. 

During this rotation, students become an integral part of the neurosurgical service managing patients as a “subintern” under the direct supervision of the attendings and senior neurosurgical residents.

Upon completion of the subinternship, the students should be able to recognize standard neurosurgical disease entities; to differentiate between those diseases of the central nervous system that can be treated surgically and those that should be treated by conservative measures; and to recognize signs of increased intracranial pressure, their causes, and potential complications.  In addition, the students should be able to develop a sequence of appropriate diagnostic studies leading to a correct diagnosis and be familiar with the basic setup of a neurosurgical operating room and with the basic aspects of a craniotomy, laminectomy, and peripheral nerve exploration.

The students will be expected to present patient histories and physicals, examine patients, and interpret radiographic imaging.  They will attend to patients in the clinic setting, Emergency room, operative suites, the NICU, and the wards.  The students will be invited to all clinical conferences, journal clubs, and seminars. Outside reading throughout the subinternship is required.  Subinterns are required to prepare a presentation and present it during the Neurosurgical Grand Rounds.

Basic skills in neurological examination are recommended.

MS3 students must contact the course coordinator for permission prior to registration.

Prerequisite: MS4 or MS3 with permission of instructor

Modules: A-K  Blocks: 3 & 4

Number of students: 4 total (including NSR 801 registered at the same time)

Course Director: Jeffrey Mullin, MD, MBA

Course Coordinator: Laci White