NSR 950 Research in Neurosurgery, 4 credits

Students may have an opportunity to work with a faculty member on a research project either clinical or laboratory based.

Prior to registering for a research elective, students will need to meet with Dr. Milling regarding project and work with the department to find a faculty mentor. Students should discuss project ideas with their mentor and provide a short description of the research they would like to conduct during the elective. Students will then take this description to the department chair and/or course director for approval. After obtaining approval, students will complete a drop/add form, working with the appropriate department/course coordinators and send the completed form to the registrar in order to register for the research elective.

Students must contact the course coordinator prior to registering.

Prerequisite: MS3 or MS4

Modules: A-K Blocks: 1-4

Course Director: Jeffrey Mullin, MD, MBA

Course Coordinator: Laci White