SUR 805 Subinternship in Vascular Surgery, 4 credits

The goal of the Subinternship in Vascular Surgery is to enable the student to develop a proficiency in the approach to and management of many surgical and medical vascular diseases. This internship is designed for a student who has developed a career interest in vascular diseases including the medical management of vascular disease and general or vascular surgery. You will be assigned to one of the participating hospitals. The student will become competent in interpreting angiograms, performing several diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and managing patients pre- and postoperatively.

Students will workup new patients, participate in consultations and under-take procedures. All are integrated into the health care team and serve as subinterns with night call responsibilities. Students will assist during noninvasive diagnostic procedures and operations.  The student will actively participate in the vascular laboratory and become familiar with noninvasive vascular diagnostic techniques. All students are required to attend Department of Surgery grand rounds and Thursday vascular conference. Each will participate in night call with the health care team. 

Upon completion of the internship, the students will have developed a methodological approach to the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of vascular diseases. The student will feel confident in interpreting invasive and noninvasive diagnostic procedures, carrying out several diagnostic procedures, and understanding a broad spectrum of operative procedures as well as pre- and post-operative care.

The Student Evaluation and Education Committee assigns the grade according to the academic status policies of the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Grades for the clerkship are based on completion of defined goals and clinical evaluations. 

MS3 must obtain permission from the course coordinator before registering

Prerequisite: MS4 or MS3 with successful completion of SUR 700

Modules: A-K  Blocks: 3 & 4

Number of students: 1

Course Instructor: Linda M. Harris, MD

Course Director: Gayle Thomson