SUR 809 Subinternship in Transplant Surgery, 4 credits

The goal of the Sub-Internship in Transplant Surgery is to enable the student to develop a proficiency in the approach to and perioperative management of the solid organ transplant patient population.  This advanced internship is designed for a student who has developed a career interest in surgery, transplant, nephrology, endocrinology, medicine or immunology.  The course allows the student learner to evaluate renal and pancreatic patients in the pre-transplant assessment clinic, the perioperative area, intraoperative transplantation including donor organ recovery, and the postoperative and long term care of this complicated patient population. Diabetes management, renal failure management including issues related to dialysis and access are all central to the transplant surgery mission. This service involves true multidisciplinary care including pharmacy, nephrology, nutrition, nursing, social work, critical care and more.  The students will work closely with the attending staff with few competing learners. They will be integrated into the health care team and serve as sub-interns.

All students are required to attend Department of Surgery grand rounds, M&M conferences, and any multidisciplinary conferences as assigned by the faculty and will include presentations.  There is no in house night call requirement but at home call is expected.  Upon completion of this sub-internship, the student will have acquired a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic skills as well as the cognitive knowledge to manage the patients and pathologies cared for by the Transplant Surgery Service at ECMC.

The Student Evaluation and Education Committee assigns the grade according to the academic status policies of the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.  Grades for the internship are based on completion of defined goals and clinical evaluations.

Prerequisite: MS4

Modules: A-K

Number of students: 1

Course Instructor: Liise Kayler, MD, MS, FACS

Course Coordinator: Gayle Thomson