SUR 812 Sub-Internship in Robotic Surgery, 4 credits

The goal of this course is to expose students to fundamental aspects of robotic (DaVinci) surgery. This includes technical aspects of robotic system setup, troubleshooting, bedside management and operative techniques. The student will spend time in the lab (medical school) performing simulations on robotic setup and operations as well and time in the clinical setting assisting in robotic surgeries. The student will additionally be expected to participate in other related activities including daily rounding in the hospital, attending quality conferences (M&M) and will work alongside other faculty/residents during the rotation. By the end of the rotation, the student should have a fundamental understanding of the technical and clinical implications of robotic surgery on the DaVinci system and should prepare them for any future work in robotic surgery.

This course is ideal for students who are interested in applying for surgical residencies which utilize the DaVinci system (general surgery, urology, thoracic surgery and gynecology).

Prerequisite: MS4 or MS3 with successful completion of SUR 700

Modules: A-K  (per Dr. Panchal’s availability) Blocks: 3 & 4 (per Dr. Panchal’s availability)

Number of students: 1

Course Director: Ajay Panchal, MD

Course Coordinator: Gayle Thomson