EMM 550 Introduction to Emergency Medicine, 1 credit

This is an elective course for students who are interested in an emergency department experience that incorporates working with an emergency medicine attending at one of the consortium emergency departments.

Students will be assigned to a single emergency physician for the entire course.

Responsibilities will begin with observation of emergency department patient care. With increased experience, students may have the opportunity to evaluate and discuss patients with their attending emergency physicians. Students may be given the opportunity to perform skills such as IV, catheter insertion, basic suturing, X-ray and EKG interpretation.

The student’s grade will be based on participation and completion of a reflection at the end of the course.

Students will meet with their assigned preceptor for 12 clinical hours total during the semester (times to be arranged between the student and their preceptor).

Prerequisites: MS1 in good academic standing.  

Semester:  Spring semester

Number of students: 30

Course Director: Ryan Hartman, MD

Course Coordinator: Jenny Richards