GYN 835 Caring for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Patients, 4 credits

This elective will focus on learning about comprehensive care for transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) patients. Medical education has historically neglected this population, which has led to significant health inequities and diminishing trust in the health care system. The majority of student’s time will be spent in the outpatient setting at Evergreen Health Services (EHS) learning how to conduct an appropriate and sensitive history and physical for TGNC patients and further develop their understanding of management of hormone therapy.

Students will work closely with the multidisciplinary team at EHS and learn about the social determinants important in the care of TGNC patients. Students will have the opportunity to observe gender-affirming surgeries with both area plastic surgeons and OB/GYN providers (dependent on patient scheduling). Additionally, one morning during the 4-week elective will be spent at UBMD
Pediatric Endocrinology learning about the care of young TGNC patients.

To engage with the community outside of the clinical setting students will:

  1. Attend one meeting of the Youth Gender Affirmation Program (YGAP) which is run through “Growing LGBTQ+ Youth Support” (GLYS), and
  2. Volunteer at one event at the community group of their choice. On evenings that you are volunteering or attending the GLYS meeting you will only be expected to complete one half day of clinic.

Students will have weekly readings and one reflection on those readings per week after which you will meet with the course director (0.5-1 hr) to discuss. Grading will be based on clinical evaluations, reflections on weekly readings, attendance and a final presentation. Grading is pass/fail. Elective will be available once a semester and will be limited to one student. If multiple students are interested, the student will be randomly selected via lottery. There are no prerequisites.

Prerequisite: MS3 or Ms4

Modules: D (Fall); J (Spring)

Number of student: 1

Course Instructor: Elana Tal, MD, MS

Course Coordinator: Colleen Stewart