PAS 805 Advanced Human Dissection, 4 credits

This course will enable students, according to their particular needs, to perform a dissection of one particular region to a complete dissection of the human body, using either standard or special techniques of dissection and preparation.

Faculty will be available initially to plan the dissection schedule and procedures, and will thereafter be available for consultation as needed. Some students may only wish an opportunity to personally dissect certain regions not assigned to them during the introductory course. Others may need more detailed study as a preparation for a contemplated career involving either a particular clinical specialty or teaching of gross human anatomy.

Students registering for this course with Dr. Cohan will perform dissection of the human brain. Brain dissection involves review of neuroanatomy in the Brain Museum followed by dissection under supervision of Dr. Cohan.

At the conclusion of this course, students will hopefully have acquired skills and experience in the techniques of dissection and preparation. Students must have instructor permission before enrolling in this course. For information, please contact the course coordinator at

Students must contact the course coordinator for availability and permission prior to registering.

Prerequisite: MS3 or MS4


  • Anatomy: C to F (Fall); H to L (Spring)
  • Neuroscience: C/1C (Fall); J/3C (Spring)

Number of students: 

  • Anatomy: 12 per module
  • Neuroscience: 30 per module

Course Instructors:

Course Coordinator: